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Trampoline Parks Grow by Leaps and Bounces

By USA Today - July 14th, 2011

Been to Disney this summer? Check. A water park? Check. A trampoline park? Boing. The nation’s ever-expanding amusement world is taking a new twist this summer as indoor trampoline parks approach critical mass. About 50 are operating in a dozen states, and revenue is approaching $100 million. The parks — which charge $8 to $14 an hour — feature wall-to-wall trampolines, with trampolines even lining side walls. “It wasn’t on …

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Alternative Exercise

By Savor - July 11th, 2011

Are you feeling bored or stuck in your workout routine? When we consider fitness options, the popular means of exercise come to mind: running, lifting weights, yoga… but what if none of these activities sounds like fun? You may think – “fun? Exercise is not supposed to be fun.” But visitors to the House of Air, the indoor trampoline park in San Francisco, beg to differ. They burn calories by …

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For Fitness Fanatics, Old-Style Gyms Don’t Cut It Anymore

By Wired Magazine - June 28th, 2011

Weights. Treadmills. Spin classes. Let’s face it, workout innovations just haven’t kept pace with advances in TV, iPad, and snack-food technology. (Did you know there are onion-ring-and-ketchup-flavored Doritos now?) That said, a few forward-looking gyms offer activities that might actually compete with our Twitter/Netflix/PizzaRanch fixations. Activities like bouncing up to 10 feet in the air while playing dodgeball. Crunch Fitnesses of the world, take note. House of Air, San Francisco: …

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Want to Get Fit? Get on a Trapeze

By SF Weekly - June 24th, 2011

There are few places where adults can act like kids again. The Seward Street slides in the Castro and House of Air are such magical places. Although the first thing I saw upon entering the former airplane hangar in the Presidio was a man being led away on a stretcher, I was undeterred. (Note: It goes without saying that there are physical risks involved in the feats mentioned here, so …

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Swingers Raise Bar on Trampoline Dodgeball

By SF Examiner - May 1st, 2011

House of Air San Francisco devotes 16 conjoined trampolines to create the Colosseum — where the Swingers have ruled the trampoline dodgeball circuit. San Francisco’s Colosseum has no gladiators or lions, but the battles are intense nonetheless. The combat of choice is trampoline dodgeball, and Dennis Sprague is a competitor on the championship team. Sprague’s Swingers have won both tournaments held at House of Air, formerly an airplane hangar and …

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Scouted – Worth Doing

By Scouted | San Francisco - April 29th, 2011

House of Air, the trampoline park in the Presidio, is a reminder that being a kid is pretty fun. The design geniuses behind this space divided it into several mini arenas, each made up of interconnected trampolines, which allows for a lot of people doing a lot of jumping. There’s not much that hasn’t been thought of here: trampolines lining the walls for awesome tricks, basketball hoops for dunking and …

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Olympic Hero Jonny Moseley to Star at Grand Opening of House of Air Trampoline Park in the Presidio

By SF Citizen - April 29th, 2011

Remember that guy who started up the Icer Air urban ski jump thing on Fillmore Street a half-decade ago? Well, he’s back, baby! Back to help by serving as Brand Ambassadair at the Grand Opening Weekend of our new House of Air Trampoline Park. JM loves to fly and it shows. Above Cow Hollow back in aught-five Olympic icon Jonny Moseley partners with House of Air, will host Opening Weekend festivities as ‘Brand …

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We Have Lift Off

We Have Lift Off

By House of Air - September 16th, 2010

Olympic icon Jonny Moseley partners with House of Air, will host Opening Weekend festivities as ‘Brand Ambassadair’. On the day after House of Air opened its doors to the public, owners Paul McGeehan and Dave Schaeffer were thrilled to announce a new partnership with Olympic Gold-Medalist Jonny Moseley. The former “Sportsman of the Year” will serve as an ‘Ambassadair’ for the ground-breaking trampoline park, helping to spread the word about …

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Presidio House of Air Brings Flight to the Flightless

By San Francisco Chronicle - September 14th, 2010

A rehabilitated former airplane hangar will soon be making “flying” a little bit more possible– only in this case, no airplane needed. This weekend the Presidio hosts its newest recreation attraction, House of Air, an indoor trampoline park. The celebratory grand opening is Friday, September 17. [youtube s5geZUGfEEM 570] House of Air is one of the most recent innovations nurtured by the Presidio Trust. The Trust was established by Congress …

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Bounce Castle for Grownups Nears Completion

By NBC Bay Area - September 9th, 2010

Ready to catch some air? The Presidio’s indoor trampoline park is just days away from opening, and the City is giddy. Door open on Wednesday of next week. Staffers are just putting the last touches on the place and gearing up for the grand opening celebration, which starts on next Friday and continues all weekend. This is more than just a backyard bouncy-house. The House of Air has five separate …

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Jump Around! House of Air Slated to Open September 15

By 7x7 SF Magazine - September 9th, 2010

We got the chance to sneak-peak the much-anticipated House of Air indoor trampoline park in the Presidio today. And here’s the word: It’s awesome. Make reservations immediately online, the place is sure to book up quickly after its opening day on September 15. Let’s go over the highlights. First, there’s THE MATRIX, where you can get your Neo on in an open jump area comprised of 42 trampolines and something …

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The Presidio: Now With 100% More Bounce

By SF Curbed - September 8th, 2010

What to do with an old hangar near Crissy Field in the Presidio? Turn it into a trampoline park. Opening September 15, House of Air, promising to meet all your bouncing needs, include basketball and group events. Given the economy, the perfect venue to book your next corporate team-building event. Or wedding. But watch the video- it explains the wonder of it all far better than we ever could. Separate …

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Countdown To Liftoff Underway at House of Air

Countdown To Liftoff Underway at House of Air

By House of Air - September 8th, 2010

Revolutionary Trampoline Park Set to Open on September 15, 2010.With exactly one week until the official opening of their ground-breaking trampoline park, owners Paul McGeehan and Dave Schaeffer are thrilled to begin counting down to the day they have long dreamed of. Beginning on Wednesday, September 15, people of all ages and ability levels will be able to take flight at House of Air, which is located at the western edge of San Francisco's Chrissy Field.

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Air Force SF’s First and Only Trampoline Park

By Urban Daddy - September 7th, 2010

There’s something about a long weekend. The skies are bluer. Everyone’s nicer. The air is fresher. And speaking of air… Allow us to introduce the House of Air, an emporium of trampolines and aerial antics involving everything from jumping around to testing out freestyle tricks for the slopes this winter, opening next week in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge—and taking online reservations tomorrow. It’s set up in an …

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Playground for Skiers and Boarders: House of Air Offers Innovative Trampoline Facility

By The Ski Channel - August 17th, 2010

As skiing and snowboardng moves get crazier by the day, training methods must also progress to ensure athlete safety. Accidents such as the injury to snowboarder Kevin Pearce this winter brought attention to the fact that while its exciting to see new maneuvers and tricks being invented, the action sports community has a duty to implement these moves in the safest way possible. While the snow sports community has been …

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House of Air Gives Flight to the Flightless in the City by the Bay

House of Air Gives Flight to the Flightless in the City by the Bay

By House of Air - August 17th, 2010

Fun Takes Flight as New Presidio Destination Offers an Exciting, Entertaining and Unprecedented Athletic Experience. Action sports enthusiasts Paul McGeehan and Dave Schaeffer are ecstatic to announce the opening of their revolutionary indoor trampoline park, House of Air, to “Flyers” far and wide. Appropriately located in San Francisco in a historic airplane hanger, House of Air takes the building’s original use for flight quite literally, offering an unparalleled recreational opportunity for …

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Jumping for joy at House of Air

By - August 6th, 2010

I just got back from a press tour of the Presidio’s new indoor trampoline park, House of Air, and all I can say is “What a blast!” No matter how crappy your day was, after an hour of jumping, bouncing and cavorting, there’s no way you won’t be walking out a much happier camper. Talk about a no-brainer. It’s soooo much cheaper than therapy (only $14/hr) plus you’ll be burning …

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Not Your Grandma’s Bounce House

By GOOD - July 8th, 2010

A common refrain among preservationists is that a repurposed building should reflect that structure’s original use. A newly conceived space in San Francisco’s Presidio—the city’s historic former military base, now managed by a trust—is taking that sentiment quite literally. Housed in a former biplane hangar along Crissy Field, the old bayside landing strip, “House of Air” runs with the altitude theme of the former inhabitants—only the air it’s talking about …

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Trampoline Park Brings Bounce To The Bay

By Flash News - April 14th, 2010

Folks in San Francisco are about to be extra jumpy. That’s because plans for a wall-to-wall trampoline park called “House of Air” are underway in the Presidio region. The park is set to open this August and will feature huge trampolines all pushed together. The walls will be made of trampolines as well to ensure maximum bouncing and minimal injury, since falling would only mean landing on more springy surfaces. …

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San Francisco Airplane Hangar Transformed Into Trampoline Park

By Fast Company - March 26th, 2010

What’s the best thing to do with an old airplane hangar? Why, turn it into a giant trampoline park, of course. Building 926 in San Francisco’s Presidio area is being turned into every kid (and adult’s dream): an indoor trampoline park that features trampoline dodgeball, open trampoline jump time, aerial trampoline training, and even trampoline walls. The Presidio Trust explains the genesis of the idea: The idea for House of …

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Trampoline-Laden House of Air Gives ‘Flight to the Flightless’

By SF Curbed - March 25th, 2010

A couple days ago the SF Appeal told us that Building 926 in the Presidio would become home to the House of Air, a kind of bouncy castle gone serious. The former airplane hangar will be restored, and by August should reopen as an “indoor trampoline park” with a glass hangar door, conference rooms, and “trampoline training grounds” with a combination of trampolines and trampoline walls “allowing for maximum air …

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Presidio Airplane Hangar To Be Turned Into Giant Trampoline Park

By SF Appeal - March 23rd, 2010

A historic building in San Francisco’s Presidio that was once used as an airplane hangar will soon “give flight to the flightless” as an indoor trampoline park. The House of Air is scheduled to open in August at 925 Mason St., near the Planet Granite rock climbing gym, and will be open to people of all ages with all levels of physical ability, according to the Presidio Trust. It will …

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Catch “Big Air” in the Presidio: Historic Former Airplane Hangar to House Indoor Trampoline Park

By The Presidio Trust - March 11th, 2010

The Presidio’s West Crissy Field will have another recreation option this summer when House of Air, an indoor trampoline park, opens in an historic former airplane hangar. House of Air provides aerial and physical training on trampolines, as well as trampoline dodgeball, fitness classes, and open jump time. Its grand opening, expected to be in August, will advance the transformation of West Crissy Field into a dynamic public recreation area. …

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