Meet the Trainers

Royal - Training Ground Trainer


After starting to work here in 2013, Royal has picked up a real talent at teaching and trampolining. He spent his first year and a half jumping out on the matrix pushing himself to become better at trampoline. Now Royal is one of our most advanced trainers! Royal teaches all ages and will push hard to get you to learn your skill! Royal has open availability for privates and wants to help you learn up on our training ground!


  • Beginner-Advanced Flipping
  • Beginner/Intermediate Wall
  • Beginner/Intermediate Gymnastics


JT, a bay area native, has always enjoyed extreme sports. At age 7, JT started inline skating. During his years skating, JT learned how to maneuver his body, especially off axis. From going skating to playing basketball, JT is passionate about having a good time while staying active. Not only does JT have extreme sports skills to bring to the training ground team, but also is a fan favorite with toddlers during our mini program.


  • Advanced Off-Axis
  • Beginner Gymnastics
  • Toddler classes


Carlee has grown up around the trampoline culture her whole life. Starting at age 3, Carlee started gymnastics, but at age 9 moved on to competitive cheerleading. For 8 years, Carlee competed at the highest level of cheerleading. For a part time job, she started coaching cheerleading where she found a love for teaching and coaching-especially toddler classes. After working at House of Air for a few years, Carlee has stepped into her role as a trainer and Programs and Safety manager. She not only teaches classes up on the Training Ground, but teaches our Air Conditioning Aerobics classes and loves them! In her free time, Carlee enjoys going down to her house in Mexico to practice her wakeboard skills she practices on the training ground.


  • Cheerleading
  • Beginner/Intermediate Gymnastics
  • Beginning Boardsports
  • Fitness
Trainer - Connor


Growing up in Southern California, Connor began skateboarding and surfing at a young age, before honing his skills on a trampoline. After moving to San Francisco, Connor begin to push his skills further while working at House of Air. Connor has a passion for all things trampoline related and specializes in off axis flips and spins. He has a real talent for training and teaching. With a background in extreme sports and a passion to learn, Connor has worked from the bottom up and is all about taking it to the next level.


  • Beginning Gymnastics
  • Beginner-Advanced Flipping
  • Aerial Awareness
  • Beginner-Advanced Boardsports