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House of Air Trampoline Park - San Francisco, CA

Who is House of Air

As one of the first few modern day trampoline parks, House of Air opened to rave reviews in 2010 near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. We are founding members of the ASTM International Trampoline Courts Task Group and the International Association of Trampoline Parks. House of Air Co-Founder Dave Schaeffer serves as Chairman of the ASTM Task Group and Vice Chair of the IATP. Over the years we have pioneered new types of trampoline design and were the first to develop and offer trampoline instructional programs. Our airbag landing system is the first of it’s kind and has revolutionized the industry.

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The Brand

Our mission statement is "To provide the active public with the most awesome, exciting, and accessible airborne recreational activity in any market", and we take it very seriously. We are experts in all things "air" and we strive to share that knowledge and experience through exceptional products (trampoline courts, rock walls, free falls) and extraordinary customer service. House of Air caters to a clientele that seeks the most awesome activities in the most exciting venue with the most delicious and healthy food and drink.

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Customer Experience


House of Air offers instruction programs on performance trampolines for customers of all ages and abilities. On a weekly basis we teach young beginners how to jump safely as well as action sports professionals how to land multiple spinning flips on skis or a snowboard. Our instructional program is based on USA Gymnastics skill progressions developed by industry experts and is second to none. We strive to give the X-Games experience to the general public. This is the beating heart of House of Air.


Operating the most exciting, heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping park would be enough, but we want to make sure our customers come back for more. To fortify retention, House of Air developed an array of programs including Summer Camps, Air Conditioning ® Workout Classes, Training Ground Instructional Classes (see above), Open Air Sessions, Junior Geronimo Classes, Adult Trampoline Dodgeball League, and Youth Dodgeball Tournaments just to name a few.

Not Just Trampolines

While the core of our offering is active fun on premium trampoline courts and performance trampolines, we are committed to "All Things Air". Climbing Walls and Scrambling Obstacles, Free Fall Zones into Airbags, Ninja Warrior Courses and other new air activities that meet our awesome requirement are just as important. We are not a Trampoline Park, we are an Adrenaline Park.

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