Bristol’s Surprise Party at House of Air Trampoline & Ninja Park

Bristol’s Surprise Party at House of Air Trampoline & Ninja Park

Posted on: March 11th, 2020

It’s super fun to be in the business of making kids and families happy and helping them build special memories. But what took place Saturday was like nothing we had ever been a part of before! Sweet Bristol was turning 8 years old and chose to spend her birthday at House of Air Trampoline & Ninja Park with family and some of her closest friends. As if this wasn’t awesome enough, behind the scenes, her family was planning a special surprise. When Bristol’s parents let us in on the secret, House of Air staff immediately helped them add another touch to sweeten the surprise and really make it a night Bristol would never forget.

Bristol’s Surprise Party

So, everyone has seen those touching videos of military parents surprising their children after a long deployment. You can’t help but shed a few tears when you see the surprise and sheer joy from the kiddos when they realize who has come home. Bristol’s family and House of Air staff shared a few tears of their own when the big reveal unfolded. So, what Bristol thought was the coolest party ever, turned into a family reunion. Picture this…she hasn’t seen her older sister in over four years. Bristol and the party-goers take a group picture with special “guest” Geronimo, House of Air’s Mascot. Bristol is thrilled to have Geronimo make a guest appearance, but what is even cooler is who is behind the Geronimo costume.

A Touching Family Reunion

Bristol’s older sister, who she hasn’t seen in over 4 years, joined in on the fun as “Geronimo”. What started as a group picture to mark a special birthday, turned into a family reunion that touched everyone who was there. What an amazing night! The YouTube video above shows a quick video of the party and really captures the moments that Bristol and her family will have as keepsakes for the rest of their lives!

House of Air Trampoline & Ninja Park is not only the premier venue in DFW for family fun, birthday parties, church events, sports celebrations and more but a family-owned business that will go the extra mile to make any event extra special.  If you are planning a small get together or a large group event, we will make it an event you will never forget!

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