3 New Year’s Resolutions for a Better Life in 2020 by House of Air Crowley

3 New Year’s Resolutions for a Better Life in 2020 by House of Air Crowley

By House of Air - January 20th, 2020

Geronimo's Guide to Completing your 2020 New Year's Resolutions

1: Get More Active!

Did you know that freestyle play like jumping on trampolines can burn more calories than jogging? According to NASA's Journal of Applied Physiology, rebounding exercise is 68% more efficient than jogging.

A study from NASA also found that a 150-pound individual spending 1 hour on a trampoline, will burn more calories than the same person jogging for an hour. That means playing with your kids at House of Air Trampoline & Ninja Park can be more effective than going to the actual gym!

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2: Read More Books!

House of Air is a family entertainment center, but it also provides a full-service Café complete with business-grade free wifi! When the kiddos need time to get their wiggles out simply bring them to House of Air and you can set back with a nice drink and read your latest novel on any screen device or book that you have.

If you are between books, we also have massage chairs facing the attractions and HDTV's if you need a few minutes to decompress and relax for yourself.

3: Spend More Time With Family!

House of Air provides numerous attractions from trampolines to rock climbing to ninja courses. We can provide unique opportunities for you and your family to have actual interactions that bring everyone closer together. Just imagine the jousting fight with your children as family building and not payment for them forgetting to do their chores the other night!

Another option is to try out our two-person Whack-A-Mole interactive boards. You can challenge your entire family to a high score game or compete side by side while you try to knock off as many lighted pods as you can. You will be amazed at how much energy you spend in the 1-minute battles and of course, some will get bragging rights from the contest!

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