House of Air Has the Cure for the Summertime Blues

By Tanglewood Moms - July 8th, 2019

House Of Air Crowley is only 15 minutes away from Fort Worth, and it's the answer to the parental summertime blues. With over 24,000 feet of fun to be had, the whole family will love every minute!

Trampoline Games

Have you ever met a child who doesn't like trampolines? House of Air Crowley has trampolines. They have a lot of trampolines! They have trampoline dodgeball. They have trampoline basketball. They have trampoline whack-a-mole. Yes, you read that correctly. Trampoline whack-a-mole, the first in the nation. The technical name may be a "cardio wall," but for all intents and purposes, it's whack-a-mole. To win, simply hit as many lights as you can. To hit the lights, though, you have to jump! (Just don't tell your kids that they're exercising.)

There is a rock-climbing wall for your little monkeys. There is a jousting area where your little monsters, um, I mean darlings, can try to push each other off a balance beam into a pit full of soft, squishy foam squares. There's a slackline over a foam square pit where your acrobats can practice for their circus careers. And then, there's the ninja course.

Full of all sorts of obstacles to test agility, speed, and strength, the ninja course is insanely difficult and tremendous fun! Set over airbags to ensure that falls are safe and landings soft, the ninja course appeals to both little ones and teens. Did I mention that it's insanely difficult? A contestant on the national show American Ninja Warrior who lives in North Texas tried on three different visits before he made it through the course without falling! When I visited, there were several teens trying to make their way through, as well as a boy of about five who was laughing hysterically every time he slipped off the ropes and bounced onto the airbags below.

Sure, there are lots of great things for children from littles to teens to do at House of Air Crowley, but what do they offer parents? Not to worry! House of Air Trampoline and Ninja Park has a large, comfortable café that overlooks the play area, so you can sit in comfort, sipping a cappuccino, a beer, or a glass of wine while keeping an eye on the kiddos. And House of Air Crowley has free WIFI. Bring your laptop and get some work done while the little dears exhaust themselves. Or get out and challenge them to a game of dodgeball. After all, we all need to move!

Are you looking for a great place to have your child's birthday party? House of Air Crowley is ready to host the best trampoline birthday party ever! With a variety of packages available, you can be sure that the kids will have an absolute ball without any stress for you. House of Air Crowley is also available for church groups, business retreats, and grownup birthday parties.

If you're still looking for day camps for your kids, look no further. House of Air Crowley has two upcoming sessions for children ages 5 and up.

The best thing about House of Air Crowley? It is a family-owned, local business. Texas natives Emily and Daniel Furney opened House of Air in 2018, and they strive to be good community partners. (And, I might say, they succeed!) When I was there, a group of children from the Fort Worth Parks Department summer program was having an absolute ball. The Furney's four children are frequent visitors; the oldest practices her gymnastics while the youngest two love the ninja course.

Now that you've read about how great House of Air Trampoline and Ninja Park is, you need to go experience it. I promise you will love it!

House of Air is located at 320 East Main Street, Crowley. They're open 7 days a week and are available for private parties, corporate events, and fundraisers. Give them a call at 682-707-5346. And get jumping!

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