10 Reasons House of Air is Better than the Water Park

10 Reasons House of Air is Better than the Water Park

By House of Air Crowley - July 10th, 2018

Do you have so many Facebook friends that you sometimes forget where they all live? Here's a phrase that will narrow it down for you: picnic in July. These people are not from Texas. When summer hits and you need something fun to do with the kids, it's either the trampoline park or the water park. Here are ten reasons why House of Air Trampoline & Adrenaline Park in Crowley is better than the water park.

You Don't Have to Sunscreen the Kids

You've got two options here: full body massage for each kid or spray shellac your babies while they gasp, choke, and protest, “Mom, I can't breathe!” Meanwhile, your $10 single serving aerosol sunblock is being carried away by the wind while you carry the guilt that you are single-handedly destroying the ozone layer, which we desperately need because it's Texas and it is 1,000 degrees here. This is not an exaggeration. (This might be an exaggeration.)

Fair Complexions

They now make sunscreen with an SPF of 110. This is nowhere near enough when your children have zero melanin. House of Air enthusiastically welcomes people with all levels of melanin, but we understand that our indoor atmosphere is particularly helpful for those who have a tendency to burn and freckle before they even make it to the front entrance.

It's Good for Them

When is the last time you read an article about kids getting too much exercise? At House of Air Crowley, the kids aren't just floating around in the water; they are exercising and loving it! And it's indoors and out of the sun so you don't have to worry about heatstroke while they're doing it.

You Don't Have to Lug a Bag of Towels, Floaties, Puddle Jumpers, and Goggles with You

Just bring your laptop or your favorite book so you can get some “you” time. We'll take it from there!

You Don't Have to Lie Awake at Night Worrying About the Effectiveness of Chlorine

Urine for no surprises here. In the event that Little Suzie's potty training just didn't take all the way, mishaps are easily spotted and thoroughly disinfected by our capable staff.

You Have Adult Plans Tonight and You Don't Want to Mess up Your Hair

Meanwhile, at the water park, one rowdy splash will ruin your best-laid plans.

No Swimsuit Shopping

Can we get an Amen?

The Kids Love It

Even though most of these reasons benefit you when you drive away all you'll be hearing is how you're the best more or dad ever for giving up your afternoon so the kids could have a blast. It's okay, glory in the praise. Your secret is safe with us.

Rock Climbing

The ones at the water park are all decorative and the lifeguards blast their whistle at you if you try to climb them. What? That's like taking a kid a to a candy store and offering them a lettuce sandwich. Come climb on our rocks! We'll cheer you on, and then feed you pizza.

Ninja Obstacle Course

We saved the best for last and sprung it on you when you least expected it. LIKE A NINJA.

When it's hot outside, House of Air Crowley takes on a new meaning. Our AC is at full blast and so is the fun! Bring the kids, escape the heat, and let us make your day.

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