House of Air Trampoline Park Intro Video

House of Air Trampoline Park Intro Video

Take a peak into what House of Air is all about!

Bird’s Eye View

When our employees catch nothing but air on our Training Ground, there’s only one way to capture it! Our aerial footage captures the jumpers in a unique, fun and awesome way. Check out this awesome video our trainers made in honor of Leap Day!

Instructor Spotlight: Royal

Check out Training Ground Instructor, Royal, as he demonstrates some fresh aerials.

Jumping and Grooving

Check out some of the pros on the House of Air Training Ground. Flips, spins, and twirls, in the end, it is all about having fun and enjoying time with your friends.

House of Air San Francisco – Training Ground Intro

House of Air San Francisco – New Training Ground Intro Edit put together by one of our jumpers, Duran Rose. Look forward to some new edits coming out of House of Air!


Telemundo Sports channel came in and tried out the House of Air Training Ground with one of our instructors. Take a look!

September Training Ground Issue

Check out the September Edit concluding some of our Summer jump sessions!

60 Seconds of Wall Walking

“Walk the Wall”

Junior Geronimo at House of Air

Looking for an activity for your 3-6 year olds? Junior Geronimo is open trampoline just for them! Jump times daily until noon, its a great time for everyone!

Harlem Shake | House of Air

Epic Harlem Shake video from House of Air!

Open Air on the Training Ground

Open Air is an opportunity for individuals, who know trampoline basics, to come practice their tricks and master new ones! Open Air takes place on the House of Air Training Ground and is available to participants 7 and up!

Triple Wall Walk

Our trainers take innovation seriously. Check out their latest trick!

Training Ground Airbag and Wall

The Training Ground is home to the only Airbag and Trampoline Wall in San Francisco!

CW at the House of Air

Jumpers participated in a great video for the CW. Can you find yourself?!

Rubix Athlete – Kevin Costello @ House of Air

This is a completely fun one. Check it out, Kevin Costello, a Rubix Cube Master burns through a solution in short order. Thanks for sharing Kevin and thanks for visiting House of Air!

North Face Team Visit

See the North Face Team doing some tricks on the Training Ground.


House of Air's first anniversary celebration!

Andy Finch @ House of Air

Andy Finch spends a night at House of Air with GoPro.

The Training Ground

Interested in learning some trampoline fundamentals or your first back flip? Building aerial awareness, core strength, and pure awesome since 2010.

Trampoline Workout Class

Air Conditioning Workout classes at House of Air are a fun and great way to get in shape! NASA did a study and found that "10 minutes bouncing on a trampoline is a better cardiovascular workout than 33 minutes of running"!Come check out a class

Red Bull Team & House of Air (Don’t try this at home)

Watch the PRO’s take care of business in our park. Ryan Doyle and Brian Orosco and the Red Bull Team tear it up. Remember these are Pro’s – don’t attempt these tricks.

Parkour and Free Running with Ryan Doyle

Red Bull's pro camera crew get some great shots of aerial lunacy with Ryan Doyle and Brian Orosco. Check it out!

Trampoline Dodgeball Hero

Miss your "Glory Days"? Can't remember the last time you did anything fun that caused you to sweat? Sign up for House of Air's trampoline dodgeball leagues.

House of Air on Japanese TV show

We are HUGE in JAPAN! Watch Co-Founder, Paul McGeehan talk to a small white panda bear!

Tom Wallisch – Double Flatspin

Tom Wallisch blew minds by throwing down Double Flatspins with ease.

Tom Wallisch – Double Front

Thanks again to Sage Cattabriga-Alosa for bringing along the North Face athletes for a little session. Here Tom Wallisch shows us a Double Front on a HOA Factory Tramp Board.

Tom Wallisch – Cork 1080

Tom Wallisch continues an amazing display of effortless aerials. Here is the Cork 1080.

North Face Team @ House of Air

The North Face Team airing in the Matrix.