Blind Date: Something in the Air

By The San Diego Union-Tribune - April 30th, 2018

Pacific Beach locals Brittany and Nate are about to meet for the first time in what might be the longest car ride of their lives. First, the EPIC Limo picked up Brittany, a budding event planner. And minutes later, it arrived at Nate's place, where the jetpack instructor's roommates strummed guitars and serenaded Brittany as their fun-loving friend climbed inside the luxurious ride.

With the ice now sufficiently broken, the daters buckle up and crack open a couple beers to enjoy during the drive to tonight's first destination: Carlsbad's House of Air trampoline park. While Brittany and Nate spend some time getting to know each other in the limo, let's review their pre-date interviews to learn more about each of them.

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