House of Air Trampoline Park Launching International Franchise Opportunities

By PRWeb - December 17th, 2015

As one of the originators of the modern day trampoline park, House of Air opened its first location to rave reviews in 2010 near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Now, House of Air Co-Founder, Dave Schaeffer is excited to announce that, "After spending the last five years perfecting our aerial experience, we are prepared to offer 'Flight to the Flightless' internationally." House of Air is going global with new international franchise opportunities.

A globally recognized premiere trampoline park brand and a pioneer and leader in safety, park design and overall operational excellence, House of Air aims to provide the active public with the most awesome, exciting and accessible airborne recreational activity in any market.

While the core of House of Air's offering is adrenaline-pumping fun on premium trampoline courts and performance trampoline zones, they also believe that climbing walls, scrambling obstacles, free fall zones into airbags, ninja warrior courses and other new aerial activities are crucial to their band of air experience. "We are not just a Trampoline Park, we are an Adrenaline Park. We are the experts in all things 'air' and we are ready to share that knowledge and experience with franchisees who are looking to cater to a clientele seeking awesome activities in an awesome venue.", says Dave Schaeffer.

House of Air Co-Founder, Paul McGeehan explains, "We are looking for hard working, success driven, business-minded individuals who are fully committed to the concept of bringing action-packed excitement and an awesome brand to the rest of the world. More than anything, House of Air wants to build an international team of franchisees dedicated to pursuing our mission to be the leader in active air entertainment."

If you wish to stand out from the pack with one of the most exciting, highly acclaimed and premium leisure brands in the business, contact Shoshanna Moody at +1 (415) 345-9675.

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