Powell Peralta Skate Team visits HOA, Living Skate Legend Steve Caballero rocks HOA gear!

By Concrete Disciples - September 21st, 2011

Ozzie Ausband wrote:

Dawn came too early and night time falls too late … a frenetic pace. The text message came through to everyone. Deville: “Downstairs at the van. 11:45am” We quickly brushed our teeth and gathered our things. In a short time, the van was repacked and we were flying through traffic. Breakfast. Laughter. Advil. Caffeine. Stories of past tours. We cut our way up over the bay bridge and San Francisco lay before us. The giant skyline was towering with concrete, chrome and glass. Streets meandered up and over the hills. Cottages perched on ridges and the sun glittered wetly off of the bay. We drove through the city and into the Presidio. Destination- House Of Air. Big Pauly works at the HOA. It is a trampoline center filled to overflowing with fun stuff. We signed in and the crew began throwing themselves like ragdolls about the place. Flips were pulled, dodgeball was played and fun was the end result. It was rad to witness.

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