Keen for the Trampoline

By Oakland Magazine - September 10th, 2011

We all need to get our butts off the couch — that much is for sure. But finding the activity that is going to motivate one to exercise regularly can be the difference between getting in shape and getting better at making excuses not to go. But the new trend in exercise and just plain fun will have grown-ups everywhere off the couch and jumping for joy.

“We built this place with everyone in mind,” says Dave Schaeffer, co-founder and “Head of the House” at House of Air in San Francisco, an indoor trampoline park. “We wanted a park where we could come every day and have a blast.”

I was skeptical when a friend of mine suggested this activity one rainy afternoon. I had to be talked into getting a ticket for myself, figuring it was a kids-only kind of thing. But the next thing I knew, I was jumping with another mom, laughing for absolutely no reason other than the fact that I was flying through the air.

In addition to drop-in jumpers, House of Air holds “Air Conditioning” classes for an amazing cardio workout and runs a dodgeball league for those 18 and older. With areas named XX Bowl and Coliseum, House of Air has facilities for all kinds of jumpers, including those who want to safely learn how to flip or learn some awesome snowboard moves. Of course, with the ability to hold up to 450 people, this place can host some really unique events, or as Schaeffer puts it: “crazy parties.”

“Most often, people come in and they can’t believe this exists,” says Schaeffer, who admits that the trampoline is great, especially when having a bad day. “It could be a 60-year-old woman or 6-year-old boy; people just giggle for the first 10 minutes.”

If that does not get butts off the couch, nothing will.

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