Want to Get Fit? Get on a Trapeze

By SF Weekly - June 24th, 2011

There are few places where adults can act like kids again. The Seward Street slides in the Castro and House of Air are such magical places. Although the first thing I saw upon entering the former airplane hangar in the Presidio was a man being led away on a stretcher, I was undeterred. (Note: It goes without saying that there are physical risks involved in the feats mentioned here, so consider this your finger-wagging).

In addition to the main indoor arena — which consists of 42 conjoined trampolines, is bigger than a basketball court, and is called the Matrix — House of Air offers the humbling experience of getting your ass handed to you by 10-year-olds in trampoline dodgeball in the smaller “Colosseum court.” A former national trampoline champion teaches you how to flip, bounce off walls, and perfect tricky aerial moves for the next time you find yourself in a Mission: Impossible movie. Adults may want to visit in the evening to avoid accidentally smooshing small children (it’s also less crowded).

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