For Fitness Fanatics, Old-Style Gyms Don’t Cut It Anymore

By Wired Magazine - June 28th, 2011

Weights. Treadmills. Spin classes. Let’s face it, workout innovations just haven’t kept pace with advances in TV, iPad, and snack-food technology. (Did you know there are onion-ring-and-ketchup-flavored Doritos now?) That said, a few forward-looking gyms offer activities that might actually compete with our Twitter/Netflix/PizzaRanch fixations. Activities like bouncing up to 10 feet in the air while playing dodgeball. Crunch Fitnesses of the world, take note.

House of Air, San Francisco: The professional-size trampolines in this former airplane hangar are set so you can triple-flip from one to the next—a far cry from that round thing you hopped on as a kid. The gym is also home to a bouncy form of dodgeball, whose “field” is 45 x 45 feet. Tired of ducking and weaving? Strap on a foam snowboard or wakeboard and bone up on your extreme sport air-time skills.

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