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By Scouted | San Francisco - April 29th, 2011

House of Air, the trampoline park in the Presidio, is a reminder that being a kid is pretty fun. The design geniuses behind this space divided it into several mini arenas, each made up of interconnected trampolines, which allows for a lot of people doing a lot of jumping. There’s not much that hasn’t been thought of here: trampolines lining the walls for awesome tricks, basketball hoops for dunking and a space reserved for dodgeball. Joy and exuberance courses through House of Air, and it’s almost impossible to have a bad time.

House of Air has received a steady stream of praising press since it opened, which has led to pretty big crowds. Not unlike Pixar movies, the trampoline park is just as appealing to kids as adults. On any given day, you’ll find families, teens, thirty-somethings on dates and plenty of fearless leapers doing wild tricks. The $14 an hour – and an hour is probably enough time – has to be factored in for regular attendees, but then again, can you really put a price on awesome?

What else: If it’s been awhile since you’ve jumped on a trampoline, you’ll quickly realize it’s exhausting, and, in fact, House of Air offers workout classes most mornings. Private training is also available for more intense, personalized instruction. It may seem like a good idea to do your jumping under the influence, but given all the up-and-down and how easy it is to lose control, this cannot fully be recommended. Reservations a few days in advance are definitely encouraged for nights and weekends.

Getting there: House of Air is located at 926 Mason Street in the Presidio. The Preisidio is notoriously hard to navigate, but enter through the Marina Blvd entrance, and keep right onto Mason Street at the fork just after entering the gate. Continue on Mason a little over a mile until you see House of Air on your left. There’s street parking available, although it can fill up on weekends.

Eats: There is a snack bar at House of Air, but it is just that. Chestnut Street is a five-minute drive, and it’s lined with great food, like Pacific Catch for seafood, Tacolicious for its namesake and Blue Barn for gourmet sandwiches. Liverpool Lil’s on Lyon Street is the place to get a pint or a cocktail and a big plate of tasty, upscale bar food.

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