Jump Around! House of Air Slated to Open September 15

By 7x7 SF Magazine - September 9th, 2010

We got the chance to sneak-peak the much-anticipated House of Air indoor trampoline park in the Presidio today. And here’s the word: It’s awesome. Make reservations immediately online, the place is sure to book up quickly after its opening day on September 15.

Let’s go over the highlights.

First, there’s THE MATRIX, where you can get your Neo on in an open jump area comprised of 42 trampolines and something called a “The 2X Bowl,” which is basically a cave of wall-to-wall bounciness, designed to mimic a skate park. Some sweet moves¬† are sure to come out of here.

Then there’s the Colosseum, where you can play team sports on steroids (the steroids being the fact that you can JUMP SPIKE). If you’ve ever felt inadequate in any sort of intramural dodgeball or slam dunk competition, this is the place to feel better about yourself.

There’s a more hard-core “Training Ground” ¬†that houses 3 box-string trampolines for stuff like practicing for the X Games. No, seriously. You can learn how to do snowboard, wakeboard and kiteboard tricks on these babies. Also, gymnastics. Let’s not forget gymnastics. Some of the House of Air’s staff members are former gymnasts, so you can do pikes and back flips here ’till your heart’s content.

The main room features a 23-foot projector screen that will show action sports movies, which will hopefully inspire you to unleash your A-game badass.

They’re also cooking up some morning exercise classes that are sure to be way more fun than your average boot camp.

Other cool things? It’s LEED Certified (all new projects in the Presidio have to be), it’s housed in an old airplane hangar (the original doors still exist in the cafe) and they’ll be serving Ritual coffee. Alcohol is a “no” there, because HELLO, BUI-ing (bouncing under the influence) is dangerous.

House of Air is open until 10pm Monday through Thursday, 11 pm Friday and Saturday and 9 pm on Sunday.

It costs $14 for the first hour and $10 for each additional hour.

And we dare you not to smile when you jump.

[youtube _0lXqnqzcEo 570]

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