Air Force SF’s First and Only Trampoline Park

By Urban Daddy - September 7th, 2010

There’s something about a long weekend.

The skies are bluer. Everyone’s nicer. The air is fresher.

And speaking of air…

Allow us to introduce the House of Air, an emporium of trampolines and aerial antics involving everything from jumping around to testing out freestyle tricks for the slopes this winter, opening next week in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge—and taking online reservations tomorrow.

It’s set up in an old airplane hangar, where you’ll quickly realize that you’re dealing with something a bit more intense than an old-school backyard trampoline when you encounter the Matrix, a series of 42 conjoined trampolines with padded walls surrounding it.

You’ll start here, practice some moves (the “seat drop” and the “full, full” perhaps), grab two stories of air and maybe work on honing your boardsports skills—whether they’re on snow, water or asphalt.

At this point, if you feel up for it, you’ll move to the 2x Bowl—a pair of three-sided bowls that’ll serve as your bouncy skateboard park.

And then finally on to the Colosseum (22 conjoined trampolines), where games of dodgeball and basketball are constantly running, and leagues are forming all the time.

Columbus Day will be here before you know it.

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